Give as a gift – Make someone smile today!

 Corny Jokes to friends and clients – Give as a gift with one click

Give as a gift with one click Did you know that it is super simple to send these funny little corny joke books as a gift? All you need  is the email that is associated with their Amazon account. Then one click and they have a smile in their inbox. They don’t even have to have a Kindle to read the books. There are apps for that! You can read the book on a computer or phone.

And it gets even better! If you do any kind of sales, imagine the possibility.

Let’s say you find out that one of your potential clients likes Quilts. WhooWhoo! You have just made a customer for life! Send them a fun little quilt book as a gift. It comes from Amazon so it’s trustworthy. For .99 and a minutes of your time, that potential client will remember you for a long time. How sweet is that! Who could use a smile today? Go ahead make someone happy. Send some corny jokes as a gift.

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