Original Corny Joke Books

CORNY JOKE: What do you do when someone works really hard and becomes debt free?

CORNY ANSWER: Give them a little CREDIT!

If you like silly jokes that are very corny then these fun little books are for you. Each book contains original jokes that are short clean and so stupid they are funny. We also added some fun facts and a bit of Susan Sherbert’s original humor.  Add a little bit of humor to your day. Even better, send the smiles to a friend. All books are available for Kindle at Amazon.

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Business Jokes Crop 1 cover

Also available on Kindle, ibook, & nook Nook

Business Corny Jokes  - Crop One  This fun book is full of short, clean jokes and fun facts about business. Topics include:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Parking
  • Security
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Sales and Marketing

—- Corny Joke Book Bundles —-

Save a few bucks with our corny joke and humor collections. Three books in one fun bundle. Savings and humor – now that is something to smile about.

Business related jokes that are short clean and funny short clean jokes about business money and finance short clean humorous jokes about giet and exercise short clean jokes about dogs cats and horses short clean jokes abour golf baseball and bowling Real Estate Corny Jokes and humor math numbers and color humor and corny jokes Corny Joke Bundle for Women

christmas and thanksgiving corny jokes for the holidays

Real estate corny jokes are only available in bundles.
Insurance corny jokes are only available in bundles.
Not sold separately.

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